Threads for May 1999

mysqlclient.lib - Borland C++messageAlain Rivet31 May
foxpro port on LinuxmessageDeepa K.Mahajan25 May
multiple queries in onemessagesDennis Thrys√łe, Michael Widenius, Paul DuBois23 May
ODBC and remote accessmessageChristian Mack20 May
ODBC and remote accessmessageRuben20 May
suggestions on building DBD drivers under Windows NTmessageTed Holmes19 May
MySQL on Windows NT Server 4messagesNOEL-PIERRE Barthelemy, Christian Mack, NOEL-PIERRE Barthelemy19 May
Over 30 connections possible?messagesChandra, Michael Widenius19 May
DBD::MYSQL???messagesAndreas Lund, Michael Widenius, Tupshin Harper, Forest R19 May
mySQL, Win32 - moving databasefiles to a new foldermessagesPeter Olsen, Christian Mack18 May
Activestate Perl, DBD-mysql and ASPmessagesAntonio Navarro Navarro, Claudio Mello18 May
Error on infile with primary keymessagesBob Stickel, Christian Mack18 May
Adding a new primary key fieldmessagesBob Stickel, Christian Mack18 May
Win32 MySQL C API Linking-compilingmessagesMichael Widenius, Ashok Rajkumar M14 May
Using mysqlimportmessagesBob, Michael Widenius, Steven Holloway13 May
MySQL slow to connectmessagesDario Gomes, Claudio Mello, Roberto Boschin, Andreas Lund12 May
COBOL to MySQLmessagesJani Tolonen, Ashok Rajkumar M12 May