Threads for Apr 1999

NT ServicemessagesRoger Niederland, Brian Andrews27 Apr
Got error: 1015: Can't lock file (errno: 9)messagesGiancarlo Pinerolo, Michael Widenius17 Apr
Installation of MySQL, where are the Visual Basic Docs?messageJeff Miller15 Apr
Artwork anyone?messageDennis Thrysøe11 Apr
Win32 Access Control - functionsmessagesMichael Widenius, Calistra Research Labs, Dennis Thrysøe11 Apr
MySQL limitation ?messageClaudio Mello10 Apr
mysqld 3.22.20 with 100% CPU usage on NTmessagesJanos Koppany, Christopher R. Jones, Zsolt Koppany, Michael Widenius8 Apr
General Question...messageDwight E. French7 Apr
Help with mysqldump and mysqlimport.messageashley pestkowski7 Apr
field_defs.frmmessagesCalistra Research Labs, John McKeon, Christian Mack7 Apr
[ help ] mingw32 import librarymessagesEnrique Díaz-Guerra M., Michael Widenius5 Apr
Cannot start as NT ServivemessagesChristopher R. Jones4 Apr
Cannot start as NT service10 messagesChristopher R. Jones, Aaron Johnson, Simson L. Garfinkel, Michael Widenius, Dennis Thrysøe, Paul D Silevitch3 Apr
Duplicate entry for non-existant valuemessagesdan, Scollick Family2 Apr