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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 12 2002 12:17am
Subject:Re: Turning --skip-external-locking off. Reliable?
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At 8:44 -0700 10/11/02, Shane Corgatelli wrote:
>Here's my situation.  I'm planning on developing an
>application using the embedded library so my client
>doesn't have to worry about managing the database
>server.  The problem is that it's a multiple user,
>multiple machine application.  So they all need to
>access the same data.

If it's multiple machine, you can't use the embedded
server.  It doesn't support outside connections.

>My question is: Can I reliably run multiple embeded
>servers on the same data (stored on a network share)
>by enabling external locking?  Or, is there a better
>way to accomplish the same thing?
>I don't ususally develop Window's Apps, so any help is
>Shane Corgatelli

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