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From:lewb007 Date:November 19 1999 11:20pm
Subject:disappearing (then reappearing) rows
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I use mysql 3.22.24 on Win32. I deleted all rows in one of the tables in the
database, then created 5 new rows for that table. The mysql monitor showed
the 5 rows, as did my application. Then I terminated mysqld-opt (using
mysqladmin shutdown , as usual), then later started the server again. The
table in question was empty! Other tables were ok. Where did the rows go? I
really believed they were gone, as both the mysql monitor and my application
agreed that this table contained no rows.

I was convinced that somehow my application had deleted the rows, although I
couldn't see how (and I'm running with traces that document delete

I worked along, convinced that the rows were lost, and in doing so brought
the database and my application system down, then up again a couple of
times. Then I saw that the rows were back! Now both the mysql monitor and my
application system could see the rows, which were as before!

Am I losing it, or dreaming, or smoking the wrong stuff, or what? How and
why did mysql do this to me? (Win32 registered version, 3.22.24).

This makes me very nervous, as this (large) system is going production in
days, and I can visualize this happening under production conditions... Any
help will be appreciated.


disappearing (then reappearing) rowslewb00720 Nov