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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 13 1999 12:45am
Subject:Using mysqlimport
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>>>>> "Bob" == Bob  <bbgraph@stripped> writes:

Bob> I have a tab delimited file that I am using to load data into a new
Bob> table...I can get everything loaded except for my date is
Bob> currently in yy-mm-dd (i.e., 99-05-12) but when the data gets loaded, the
Bob> date field is empty...I have tried using both the DATE and DATTETIME values
Bob> but neither populates the table....I am uploading approximately 13000 lines
Bob> and I am getting 25000+ warnings but I'm not sure what to do...all of the
Bob> other fields are uploaded and display correctly....

Bob> Thanks for the help

Bob> btw - I think mysql under NT4 will do just fine once I learn my way around
Bob> it...I'm also using php3 for some manipulation and admin...

Bob> Bob


Can you post a short extract of the text file + your table definitions 
so that we can check what goes wrong?

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