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From:Dennis Thrysøe Date:November 15 1999 1:54pm
Subject:RE: Connection problems
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Like the other person with slow connecting, I think this could be a DNS
lookup problem. This complies with the faster connections when online, as
your DNS server is readily available.

You could try and start up the mysql host and disable reverse lookups.
(Something like mysqld --skip-name-resolve).


> I've encountered a weird problem here with mySQL and Win 98 (2nd ed),
> Mysql Ver 6.8 Distrib 3.21.29a-gamma.
> Well...everything works fine - except connecting to mysql server...
> I've managed to build small web app querying data from mysql server using
> php3 and apache as webserver, everything is installed on a local machine.
> All queries run fine but connection itself takes about 10
> errors
> are generated just connecting is slow. Now, if I establish dialup
> connection
> to my ISP (and all files I request data from are still the same
> ones on my
> local machine), mysql connection takes some milliseconds and everything
> works just like it should. And the problem is not only my web app  - some
> shareware mySQL managers act the same way...
> One note about installation is that this specific machine also
> shares dialup
> connection with some other local PC's (Win 98 2nd built in feature)
> perhaps this messes things up...
> Any help appreciated , thanks!

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