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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 7 2002 12:57am
Subject:Re: Can mysqldump be trusted?
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At 9:55 -0400 8/6/02, Tim Endres wrote:
>Furthermore, mysqldump output is portable. The data files are not.

Depends on the table type.  ISAM and BDB tables are not portable.
MyISAM tables are.  InnoDB tables are if they don't include floating-point
columns (although you'd have to copy the entire InnoDB tablespace rather
than individual files).

>>  I would not recommend copying the file structure.
>>  IMHO, mysqldump is a lot safer if you have use the correct parameters in the
>>  dump command (lock tables, flush, delayed insert, etc.). Study the available
>>  options in mysqldump.
>>  When you copy the file structure, there is a risk that a query will be in
>>  progress, potentially corrupting tables. If you are going to copy files, you
>>  should at least shut the server down.
>  > Gerald Jensen

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