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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 13 1999 11:19am
Subject:MSVC 5.00 and win32 3.22.28
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>>>>> "Heinz" == Heinz Nonveiller <mysqlwin@stripped> writes:

Heinz> Hi,
Heinz> I have just downloaded the mysqlwin-3.22.28 as I would like to try and
Heinz> port some of my applications to windoze if it is possible.

Heinz> I only have MSVC 5.0 and I get the following error when compiling the
Heinz> example myTest program. (I have used the provided project as well as made
Heinz> my own, but still get the same error).

Heinz> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Heinz> In directory c:\mysql\examples\libmysqltest:

Heinz> Deleting intermediate files and output files for project 'myTest - Win32
> Debug'.
Heinz> --------------------Configuration: myTest - Win32 Debug--------------------
Heinz> Compiling...
Heinz> Command line warning D4002 : ignoring unknown option '/ZI'
Heinz> Mytest.c
Heinz> Linking...
Heinz> ..\..\lib\debug\libmysql.lib : fatal error LNK1106: invalid file or disk full:
> cannot seek to 0x380bf2ca
Heinz> Error executing link.exe.

Heinz> myTest.exe - 1 error(s), 1 warning(s)
Heinz> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Heinz> Maybe I have to buy microSLOP MSVC 6.0 as the libraries are compiled with
Heinz> version 6.0? Could someone please tell me?.... I don't want to give Bill
Heinz> Gates any more money than he already has!

Heinz> Thanks,
Heinz> Heinz


As you are an registered MySQL user, we can give you access to the
MySQL source so that you can build a library that is VC 5.0

Just mail me and I will get you access to the source...


PS: Sorry for the long delay before replying, but I just come back from
    a 2 weeks vacation trip.
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