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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 13 1999 11:35am
Subject:RE: Windows 2000 RC2, mySQL
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>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Andrews <brian@stripped> writes:

>> >I have just installed the evaluation version Windows 2000 RC2 on my
>> >computer, and I have trouble starting the mySQL daemon.
>> >
>> >mySQL is installed on drive C: (w2k on D:), and it works perfectly when I
>> >boot Windows98. I just can't seem to get it running under w2k. Apache and
>> >php3 run fine. I'm using the latest shareware version of mySQL.
>> >
>> >Any ideas ? thanks ;)
>> >
>> Hi!
>> At present, MySQL is not running on W2K. But if you are Win32
>> programmer and
>> you are willing to make a version for W2K, we just might send you
>> a source!

Brian> The latest Mysql-nt works fine under W2K (does for me). The client apps
Brian> work if they are recompiled on W2K (Monty sent me the source but I haven't
Brian> had any time to debug it. I can create binaries sometime if this is
Brian> preferable. Note: I haven't tried the shareware version.


I just updated the MySQL windows clients + libraries at

We plan to do a new, up to date, shareware version as soon as MySQL
3.23 is stable.

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