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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 14 2002 3:20am
Subject:Re: New To List
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At 15:55 +0100 5/10/02, Ewen Marshall wrote:
>Hi everyone...
>I'm new to MySQL and new to this list.....
>I've just installed mysql-max-3.23.49 on 2000, which went very well :)
>I had a few problems hooking Perl into it, but I've now got that resolved
>too...wohoo...anyway, I'm having problems with UPDATE...when I execute:
>UPDATE contacts SET name = "$name" WHERE  name = "$name" AND phone = 
>"$phone" AND mobile = "$mobile";
>it works fine. But I can't update more than one value at a time. I 
>want to update all three columns
>(name, phone and mobile) at once. How do I do this?

The SET clause can consist of multiple col_name = value pairs; just
separate them by commas.

By the way, you do know that your statement shown above does nothing,

>Thanks in advance,
>	Ewen

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