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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 13 2002 9:13pm
Subject:Re: Database Structure
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At 11:01 +1000 5/11/02, Peter Goggin wrote:
>I have had a number of years experience with Oracle.  I am considering using
>mysql but while there is an enourmous amount of documentation available,
>none of it seems to answer some questions which I have to resolve if I am to
>use it.
>1. Does mysql have the concept of table spaces as used in Oracle?

Not in the sense that you probably are thinking of.

>2. Is it possible to construct the data base so that the index for a table
>can reside on a different disk to the data for the table?

This is not normally done, though you might be able to wangle it if
you are determined.  Given your initial paragraph above, I'm curious
why this would have any bearing on your ability to use MySQL.

>3. Is there an interface for mysql which can be used to link the data base
>to web pages?

Yes. Perl, PHP, Python, Java, C++, Ruby, ...  I'm curious what elements of
the enormous amount of documentation you've examined above, because the
MySQL manual and almost every MySQL book there is indicate how to use MySQL
on the web.  (The manual makes perhaps the least direct reference to this,
but it does discuss the Perl DBI interface, for example, and that can be
used to write web-based MySQL scripts.)

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