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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 17 1999 8:29am
Subject:Got error: 1015: Can't lock file (errno: 9)
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>>>>> "Giancarlo" == Giancarlo Pinerolo <ping@stripped> writes:

Giancarlo> Hi,
Giancarlo> I am not actually subscribed to this mailing list, and was wondering if
Giancarlo> one could post to it anyway. I'll try...

>> c:\mysql\bin\mysqldump: Got error: 1015: Can't lock file (errno: 9)

Giancarlo> I get this error when running mysqldump after a perl (win32) batch job
Giancarlo> that creates 3 tables using then win32::ODBC driver.
Giancarlo> The perl sctript correctly closes all ODBC connections when it finishes.

Giancarlo> To go on with the dump, I have to stop and restart the Mysql service.

Giancarlo> mysql server running there (winNT) is a licensed win32 version:
Giancarlo> mysqlwin-3_22_13.

Giancarlo> I tried to reproduce the situation at home, with the shareware
Giancarlo> 'Ver 3.21.29a-gamma-debug' on NT, and that doesn't happen.

Giancarlo> I read in some changelog that few lock problems have been solved in the
Giancarlo> latest win32 version, and was wondering if this was the case. 
Giancarlo> Or maybe degrade to the shareware version, if it has proved to work OK,
Giancarlo> as anyway that mysql on NT is only a middleway step for transferring
Giancarlo> tables from an AS/400 to a Linux box out of the firewall.
Giancarlo> Please reply to me by email

Giancarlo> Thanks

Giancarlo> Giancarlo Pinerolo


I am not aware of any problems like the above;  I will check this out
during the weekend and mail to you what I find!

Got error: 1015: Can't lock file (errno: 9)Giancarlo Pinerolo17 Apr
  • Got error: 1015: Can't lock file (errno: 9)Michael Widenius17 Apr