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From:Paul DuBois Date:April 18 2002 9:37pm
Subject:Re: handler command
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At 5:05 +0000 4/17/02, Saqib Ilyas wrote:
>Hi ppl
>I downloaded mysql latest version 3.23.49 and even downloaded the 
>source and compiled it. I even tried 4.0.1.
>The problem I am having is with the handler command. I run it in the 
>mysql utility, it refuses the command and complains that there is an 
>error in the command. It just doesnt accept the command at all. I 
>searched the code for mysql and it doesnt expect to hear a handler 
>I issued the command from my own client program written in Visual 
>C++ using the C api and it runs successfully but doesnt return 
>anything at all. No results.
>Is there an issue with this command implementation on windows, or is 
>it treated differently than other SQL queries?

Works for me.  Please show us the exact commands that you're trying.
One other thing that might be a problem is if you're not using MyISAM
tables.  (HANDLER works only for the MyISAM table handler.)  I'm guessing
that's not the problem, though.  From your description it sounds more like
a syntax error.
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