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From:Giancarlo Pinerolo Date:April 16 1999 11:09pm
Subject:Got error: 1015: Can't lock file (errno: 9)
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I am not actually subscribed to this mailing list, and was wondering if
one could post to it anyway. I'll try...

> c:\mysql\bin\mysqldump: Got error: 1015: Can't lock file (errno: 9)

I get this error when running mysqldump after a perl (win32) batch job
that creates 3 tables using then win32::ODBC driver.
The perl sctript correctly closes all ODBC connections when it finishes.

To go on with the dump, I have to stop and restart the Mysql service.

mysql server running there (winNT) is a licensed win32 version:

I tried to reproduce the situation at home, with the shareware
'Ver 3.21.29a-gamma-debug' on NT, and that doesn't happen.

I read in some changelog that few lock problems have been solved in the
latest win32 version, and was wondering if this was the case. 
Or maybe degrade to the shareware version, if it has proved to work OK,
as anyway that mysql on NT is only a middleway step for transferring
tables from an AS/400 to a Linux box out of the firewall.
Please reply to me by email


Giancarlo Pinerolo
Got error: 1015: Can't lock file (errno: 9)Giancarlo Pinerolo17 Apr
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