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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 11 1999 10:17am
Subject:Win32 Access Control - functions
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>>>>> "Calistra" == Calistra Research Labs <dave@stripped>
> writes:

Calistra> According to the mySQL documentation - mySQL supports 
Calistra> external functions in langusges that support loadable modules.

Calistra> Does this include Win32? 
Calistra> I do not see a "funct" table in the mySQL database.

Sorry;  It shouldn't be that hard to provide this in Win32, but I
don't know enough about .DLL:s to do this myself in a short time.

If anyone would be interested in helping us with this, please mail me...

Calistra> In the documentation there is a lot of stuff done from the shell -
Calistra> supposed to be in the scripts directory such as mysql_install_db
Calistra> but I see no way to execute this from Win32.

mysql_install_db is not needed on Win32 as all privilege tables are
included with the Win32 installation.

Most standard MySQL scripts require a decent shell to work. You can
however use the mysql client program to execute .sql scripts like on
Unix:  mysql < commands.sql.

Calistra> Am I missing something?

What exactly are you missing.

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