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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 20 1999 11:48pm
Subject:service wont stop
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Ruby <stever@stripped> writes:

Steve> Mysql 2.22.26a, WinNT 4.0 sp3

Steve> I get the following error on stopping the mysql service
Steve> --------------------------------------------------------
Steve> C:\users\default==>net stop mysql
Steve> The MySql service is stopping.
Steve> A system error has occurred.

Steve> System error 1067 has occurred.

Steve> The process terminated unexpectedly.

Steve> The MySql service was stopped successfully.
Steve> --------------------------------------------------------

Steve> but hey, it stops. Now if I do the following

Steve> --------------------------------------------------------
Steve> net start mysql

Steve> (then in another shell)

Steve> mysql -hlocalhost
mysql> use amr
mysql> lock tables test write;

Steve> (than back in the first shell)

Steve> net stop mysql
Steve> --------------------------------------------------------

Steve> Under this second sequence I get a bunch of periods after
Steve> it says it is stopping the service and then it says
Steve> it could not stop the service. Another attempt to stop the
Steve> service yelds "service could not be controled in its current
Steve> state"

Steve> And now I have a mysqld process in the task manager that I can't
Steve> kill ("access denied") and an service I can't stop. The only
Steve> answer seems to be to restart the computer. (Process control
Steve> in windows sucks!!!! argh). By the way, after the process goes
Steve> into this state you can't connect to the database or use it
Steve> in anyway. The memory the processes is taking goes from being
Steve> in the 10's of megabites to about 800K so I am assuming it is
Steve> flushing my talbes and this is not going to cause damage to them.

Steve> I noticed this situation when I try to stop mysqld while
Steve> there is a thread doing something on the server, it doesn't just
Steve> happen on the write lock, it happens whenever something is running
Steve> and sometimes it happens after it has stopped running.

Steve> I have attached two files, (nevermind it was rejected by the list
Steve> when I attached these files the first time, if you want a copy
Steve> of them let me know)
Steve> mysqld_start_stop.trace is the trace log from the first scenario
Steve> where you get the error on start stop
Steve> mysqld_no_stop.trace is the trace log from the second secenario
Steve> where you can't stop it at all.


I did answer you about this problem before.
The major problem is that there isn't any easy way to wait abort a
thread that is waiting on a socket/pipe.

The problem that one can't kill mysqld even from the task manager is a 
one of many design flaws in NT :(

(Anyway, you can kill it if you choose 'debug' from the task manager
and do the kill in the debugger)

On the other hand, mysqld should die if one kills the client program.
I will look at this when I come back from my vacation (after 2 1/2 week)

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