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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 22 2001 10:33pm
Subject:Re: Install Does Not
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The gist of your message is that you tried something and it didn't work.
You provide no details.  What distribution did you use?  What commands
did you use to install it?  When you tried to start the server, what
happened?  Any error messages?

At 5:38 PM -0500 11/21/01, Joetheaxe@stripped wrote:
>I tried installing MYSQL about eight times on two different machines. It
>didn't. I bought a book called mysql/php database applications that had
>instructions for installation (and your email address if things didn't work;
>hence, this note). I installed the dam thing and then tried to invoke the
>mysql daemon to test if the installation went ok. It did not. Further, there
>are no tips if things did not go well. I tried to write to some
>list@stripped, but (after I registered correctly according their email) all
>post registering emails are returned to me saying either I have attached
>something to it (no; didn't do that) or they simply could not deliver the
>If you are related to these goobers, what's the deal? If not, I ask the same
>question with a slightl;y different tone.
>Joe Wilk
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