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From:Calistra Research Labs Date:April 6 1999 11:18pm
Subject:Re: field_defs.frm
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This is due to a problem in the Win32 shareware version. The file
field_defs.frm has been renamed to b-1.frm (or similar) because 
your script was trying to modify the table structure. Rename the file.

It will work fine with the release Win32 version or the linux etc...


I am new to mysql, I am trying to run a set of PHP scripts on 
Apache that use an SQL database.  I have the shareware version of 
mySQL for win32 installed.   When I start the script and it hits the 
mySQL I get the message that it cannot find the file "field_defs.frm" 
 Is this a file I am supposed to create myself or should I be asking 
the creator of my scripts/database?

Calistra ODBC MySQL Adminstrator
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