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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 14 1999 12:26pm
Subject:RE: Several problems
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>>>>> "jostos" == jostos  <iso-8859-1> writes:

jostos>  "MySqld" does not recognize the option --flush. The problem appears to be the
> file size not being updated. I will try to see what happens with the command 'mysqladmin
> flush-tables'. I could put a program (schedule) that automatically runs this command every
> so often, but is there a problem with this if the database is being used by another
> connection?
jostos> Simply as a doubt, Is it not possible for MySql to detect when a table has been
> updated and to close it automatically as soon as there are no connections actually using
> the table?

I don't remember when we added the --flush command, but --flush-time
was added in 3.22.18 and --flush was before that.

--flush does exactly what you want;  As soon as no thread has a write
  lock it will flush the data to disk if it has changed.

jostos> Another question that comes to mind is with regard to the physical files. If I
> copy all the files of a given table (*.frm, *.isd, *.ism) from one database directory to
> another. The table sometimes does not appear in the database (sometimes it does). This
> happens even if I shut down the server, the computer and restart everythimg. However, all
> querys done on the table work just fine. The problem is if I want to use a query builder
> (through ODBC), I can't use the table because it does not seem to be in the database. What
> can I do so that MySql recognizes the table in the new database.

I have only seen this problem one thim when the .frm file was copied
as .FRM;  The newer MySQL version it will recognize both .frm and .FRM 
as MySQL tables on windows.

Try renaming the .frm table to be lower case and see if it helps.

jostos> As a comment: The "Views" or "Subquerys" are features that are quite
> indispensable and very hard to work around in some cases. I know that this is somewhere in
> the TODO list, but when are these changes expected to be actually working, especially in
> the Win32 environment.

What kind of VIWS do you need.

VIEWS over many tables will not be supported for a time (If we can't
find any developer that is willing to look at implementing this).

We are working on subquries, but because of higher demand we put this
aside for at least a month while we are working on transactions and

We usually try to keep the win32 versions up to date with the stable
Unix versions.

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