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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 12 1999 7:43pm
Subject:RE: Several problems
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>>>>> "jostos" == jostos  <iso-8859-1> writes:

jostos> I was looking at the users comments at the MySql page and there was a comment
> about the data being lost regarding a computer crash. I have also done this test several
> times and repeatedly get the same results so I don't think I'm doing something wrong. I am
> sure there must be a parameter somewhere to avoid this. I would also think that the
> shareware version shouldn't be THAT bad. I am running the server with a direct IP address
> ( on a Windows 95 PC and running the tests directly on the same PC.
jostos> Regards
jostos> Jose Ostos

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>> 1) The database doesn't seem to be updated (commited). I make 
>> changes to the database (create table, alter table, etc), but 
>> the tables/changes don't appear until I shut down and restart 
>> the server. I also inserted records in a database and the 
>> computer crashed the next day and the data was lost. Is there 
>> any way to send a command to the server (or a parameter on 
>> the server) to save the changes without having to shut down 
>> the server.

jostos> This is really bizarre. I tempted to say that you MUST be doing something
jostos> wrong! Even the sharewrae version isn't THAT bad.

>> I am using the shareware evaluation version.

jostos> This is probably your problem. The win32 shareware version is buggy. The
jostos> registered version is not. Yes, it's a weird way for them to do business.
jostos> The registered version is almost identical to the Unix version, which is
jostos> very stable. (I know this is not the kind of answer that you wanted to
jostos> hear!)

jostos> -John


The shareware version has 2 known problems; ALTER TABLE and when using
LOCK TABLES in some cases, but as either bug isn't that important when
evaluation MYSQL, we haven't put a lot of time into fixing this.  We
will however probably update the shareware version to a newer one when
MySQL 3.23 gets stable.

Anyway;  All CREATE TABLE, UPDATES and ALTER TABLES should be commited 
at once.   If you can produce a test that shows that this is not the
case then we would be very interested in looking at this!

One problems on Win32 is that even if MySQL writes everything to disk
between each SQL statement, the file size is not updated (this is a
bug in the design of Windows). This means that if your computer
crashes you may loose the rows you inserted since you started mysql if
you don't run isamchk on the tables before you start using these
again!  You can force MySQL to close all files (and thus update the
file size) by executing 'mysqladmin flush-tables'.

The registered version will automaticly close all files every 30
minutes (this is a startup parameter) to avoid this problem.  Another
possibility is to start mysqld with --flush.  In this case MySQL will
do a extra system call between each update to update the file size.
The major problem with this is that its makes MySQL much slower!

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