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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 7 1999 10:30pm
Subject:Re: Win32 installation on another source drive
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>>>>> "JJ" == JJ Hendriksen <jj-mail@stripped> writes:

JJ> Hi!
>>>> > You can install the shareware version anywhere, but if you don't
> store
>>>> it in C: then you have startup arguments to where you have installed
>>>> it!  For example:  mysqld --basedir=d:/mysql
>>>> The above is explained in the MySQL README file you got with the
>>>> shareware version.
Joost-Jan> I tried to, but mysql crashes when I try to start it this way ...
>> If you can describe exactly what happens, we may be able to help you!

JJ> Well.. here it goes. I have got a MySQL server running (under NT) 
JJ> on my C drive. I stop the service MySQL by entering "mysqld --remove".
JJ> Than I change dir to d:\mysql (where i would like mysql to run). I enter:
JJ> "d:\mysql\bin\mysqld.exe --basedir=d:\mysql". Now my dos terminal hangs!

This is normal on NT.  You should now close the window and use the
mysql as normal.

JJ> I kill the mysqld with my task manager. Next, I tried to install the new
JJ> mysql (on my D drive) as a service through the command: "mysqld --install".
JJ> But when I look in the task manager, there is currently NO mysqld.exe ..:(
JJ> Can't get it to work....

Sorry, but you can't just start the shareware mysqld version as service on
another disk, because in this case you can't supply parameters to it
(The registered version solves this by reading the parameters from the 
my.cnf file)

The following mail from the mail archive may however help you fix this:


From: "PeterWR" <pwr@stripped>
To: "Christopher Piggott HOME" <chrisp@stripped>,
Subject: Re: prepare() OK, execute() fails
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 08:07:06 +0100

First of all, You could stop this in the Service Monitor and run from the
commandline untill it is working.

Second, You have options adding commands to the registry set-up (but
carefull) - from Stat/Run the "regedt32" program, look at ...

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Services

... where You will find all Your services running on Your NT

Using the "Edit" for adding additional keys for start-up. Check the HELP for
how to do. This apply for NT 4, I don't know for NT 3.

Best regards


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