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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 6 1999 6:04pm
Subject:Re: Problem with round !
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Ruby <stever@stripped> writes:

Steve> This subject came up last week. It was taken on a long trip regarding
Steve> the theories of rounding.

Steve> I can't find anywhere in the thread where THIS issue was resolved.

Steve> Yes Tom this appears to be wrong, this round behaviour that you see is 
Steve> different than the behavior for the UNIX version and does not follow any
Steve> of the rounding techniques discussed. So I assume this is a bug
Steve> and TCX will probably fix it, but it exists in 3.22.24 (win32 only)
Steve> which
Steve> is what I am using on win32


This will be fixed in 3.22.27;  We will release this on Win32 later
this week!

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