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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 6 1999 10:32pm
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Lee-Woolf <s.lee-woolf@stripped> writes:

Steve> We are currently running MySQL on a UNIX box which we are accessing via a Delphi
> program running on NT4 Workstation using MyODBC drivers.
>> From time to time (with increasing frequency), we get an error message:

Steve> Insufficient memory for this operation.
Steve> [TCX][MyODBC]Communications buffer is too small for query.

Steve> At this stage I have no idea if this is generated by a) The Delphi program, b)
> The ODBC driver configuration or c) The MySQL configuration.

Steve> Can anyone provide any insight into this problem?


This is a message from the MyODBC driver.  This should however not
happen as long as the query is less than 24M.

Try doing a MyODBC trace file to see if you can locate the problem
from this. (How to do a trace file is described in the MyODBC README
file).  If you find something that looks wrong, you can post that part 
to me!

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