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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 7 1999 12:13am
Subject:from linux to NT
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>>>>> "Bean" == Bean IT <- Dirk Bonenkamp <dirk@stripped>>
> writes:

Bean> Hi all,
Bean> I have expierence with Mysql/php on linux systems. This works fine for me,
Bean> but now one of our customers has asked us to build a online database on a
Bean> Windows NT machine. I have enough NT expierence to set up programs etc, so
Bean> that wouldn't be the problem...

Bean> I'm wondering if there are big differences between Mysql & php on a linux
Bean> system and Mysql & php on a Nt machine. Are there guys over here who have
Bean> expierence on both and can tell me something about this matter??


The Win32 version of MySQL is almost identical to the Unix version of
MySQL!  This means that all documentation that you can find on the
MySQL web site should be relevant even if you are using Win95 or NT!
There is a couple of very minor, OS related, differences between the
Win32 and Unix version and the differences are documented in the
reference manual in the 'Win32 notes' section!

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