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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 3 1999 9:52pm
Subject:Re: Cannot start as NT service
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>>>>> "Simson" == Simson L Garfinkel <simsong@stripped> writes:

Simson> HUH? Is there any way to run MySQL without a.cnf file in the C:\ directory?

Yes;  The 3.22.20 version has a 'small' bug on NT which requires it to 
have a \my.cnf file;  I will release 3.22.21 with a fix for this tomorrow.

Simson> Like, can we:

Simson> 1. Specify all of the contents on the command line.

Yes;  This works on Win95 and Win98, but unfortunately not with MySQL 
on NT. (The problem is that the service installation module doesn't
know how to store command line arguments when using --install;  I have 
too look at this in the near future)

On NT, one can solve this one of the following ways:

- Install MySQL in C:\mysql
- Edit the service manager to start the mysqld service with --basedir=\path
- Create a \my.cnf file with contains the path.
- Create a registery entry:


With key 'BaseDir' and value is the MySQL installation directory.

Simson> 2. specify the locaiton of the .cnf file.

Sorry;  The problem in this case is where to store the path to the .cnf file.

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