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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 9 2001 6:39pm
Subject:Re: connecting to localhost
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At 1:52 PM -0400 6/9/01, John Toth wrote:
>To whom it may concern,
>I book a tutorial book with CD. I installed the mySql program 
>(C:\mysql) and it didn't get any errors. However, when I went to run 
>mysql in DOS,  the command mysqld --standalone only gets a "bad 
>command or file" reply. I went to your Manual and it said to use: 
>C:\>C:\mysql\bin\mysqld .That didn't work either.

What was the error message?

You need to find where the mysqld program is installed (and that's usually
C:\mysql\bin\mysqld), then use the full pathname to it.  It looks like
that what what you tried above, so if that didn't work, perhaps mysqld
is installed somewhere else.

>I went back to my book and typed the next line "mysqladmin create 
>testDB". This gave me an error of:
>"Can't connect to mysql server on localhost(10061). Check that 
>mysqld is running on localhost and that port is 3306. Check by doing 
>'telnet localhost 3306' ".
>So I typed that and popped back to Windows in Telnet dialog box. But 
>the error said "Can't connect to localhost". So I go to 
>RemoteSystem under Connection and bring up the properties. For Port, 
>I have the choices of:
>telnet, daytime, echo,qotd,chargen
>For TermType:
>vt100, ansi,DEC-VT100,ANSI
>Where do I put the 3306?
>Please help me configure the telnet so I can use mysql. There is no 
>mention of this stuff in the tutorial book.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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