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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 27 2001 12:27am
Subject:Re: W2KPro and aborted connections
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At 8:30 AM -0500 5/26/01, Gerald R. Jensen wrote:
>I definitely would **NOT** go to Windows 9x. The Windows 9x (and probably
>ME, too) O/S's have a well-documented memory leak (is it 200 bytes per
>transaction?) that will eventually crash the database.

If the "well-documented memory leak" you're referring to is the one mentioned
in the MySQL manual at,
it's specifically tied to Windows 95, and not to Windows 98 or Windows NT.
Since ME is more recent than 98, presumably it doesn't have the leak.

No objection to your other points. :-)

>Win2KPro is much more stable, but has a limit on the number of conenctions
>it will allow (10) because M$ doesn't want people using it instead of buying
>the much more expensive Win2KServer.
>There is a better solution. You need a dedicated server ... instead of a
>workstation ... with a real server O/S.
>A couple of our clients had the same issue ... we solved it by building an
>inexpensive Linux box (233mHz MMX, 8mb AGP, 64mb RAM, 10gb HD, NIC, and Red
>Hat 7.0) for under US$600.
>The Linux box runs MySQL, and Samba and serves the Windows 2K/NT/9x machines
>on the network like a champ. One added a second NIC and configured it to
>also serve as their Internet firewall and proxy server.
>Though the CPU is ony a 233, the performance of MySQL on a Linux machine is
>superb. Faster ... better ... cheaper!
>Just a thought.
>Gerald Jensen
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>From: "Alan Lok" <alok@stripped>
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>Sent: Friday, May 25, 2001 11:01 PM
>Subject: W2KPro and aborted connections
>>  Hi,
>>  I currently have a program deployed for 12 Windows 98 workstations to
>>  connect to a MySQL server (3.23.38-nt) on Windows 2000 Professional SP1.
>>  The program is written in VB and connects to the server using MyODBC
>>  (v2.50.37 used).
>>  After starting the program on all the clients machines, one or two clients
>>  will suddenly drop connections and the mysql.err log will say "Aborted
>>  connection.... (unknown error)".  Restarting the program without rebooting
>>  will result in the connection error as well.
>>  Has anyone else run into this problem or is there a known connection limit
>>  to Windows 2000 Professional?  Would downgrading to Windows 98 help?!
>>  Thanks!
>  > Alan
>  >

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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