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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 29 1999 9:36pm
Subject:install problems
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>>>>> "Atif" == Atif Mahadik <m_tuts@stripped> writes:

Atif> Hi ,
Atif> I downloaded the file ""
Atif> and ran the setup on a Win NT 4.0 SP3 workstation.
Atif> Installed in the default directory i.e "c:\mysql"

Atif> Ran the following command
Atif> c:\mysql\bin>mysqld-nt --install
Atif> this installs mysql as a service but when I do
Atif> c:\mysql\bin>NET START MySql
Atif> I get the following error.

Atif> "System error 1067 has occured"

Atif> After rummaging through the Mailing lists & trying out

Atif> things like checking the path in the registry(which
Atif> happens to be correct)
Atif> It still does not work
Atif> Any Explanations..
Atif> Thanx in advance.
Atif> Atif.


Do you have TCP/IP installed?

What is the exact error message?

Does the following work:

mysqld-nt --standalone

Do you get anything in the mysql.err log in \mysql\data

If you have moved the MySQL installation from \mysql\ to another disk, 
you need to create a file c:\my.cnf that informs MySQL about this!
Check the file \mysql\my-example.cnf for some information about this!

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