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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 21 2001 2:07pm
Subject:RE: DB ServerII
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At 11:31 AM +0200 5/21/01, Ismael Touama wrote:
>I understand a little bit more MySQL world.
>I base my learning on Manual_Toc.htm, mysql-for-dummies ;\ and the book
>MySQl written by P.Dubois. Things are more clear but I guess it's just the
>I have no message error for the moment to report for the moment (I just
>installed MySQL as a service of W2000 and don't create the superuser yet).

When you install MySQL on Windows, the mysql database is already created
for you.  So you should already have a root MySQL user defined in the mysql
database.  It won't have any password, though, so you'll want to assign

>So go on...
>Thanx for all
>See you soon, Ismaël.
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>Please do not feel that your english will keep you back
>from learning. I am glad you found the section useful on
>users in the manual I mentioned. I should have also sent
>it to the group.
>When you have tried out the section and still have
>problems please send email again to the group for
>advice.  Thats what its here for.  But please remember
>to send any error messages your machine gives you.
>This will help in anyone's diagnosis.
>Meilleurs voeux pour le resultat de vos projets.
>Bien sincerement a vous.
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