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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 26 1999 12:40pm
Subject:Future versions of the client library
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>>>>> "Dennis" == =?iso-8859-1?Q?Dennis Thrys=F8e?= <iso-8859-1>
> writes:

Dennis> Hi,
Dennis> I am once again going to blow my horn for a feature that I have been missing
Dennis> in the client library for mySQL. I have only been using the win32 client
Dennis> until now, hence my post to *this* list.

Dennis> I have been missing a "remote dump" and "remote read" in the client library
Dennis> in a few occasions.

Dennis> The remote dump would just send a large string (stream) back containing a
Dennis> dump of a database. The remote read would do the opposite - namely reading a
Dennis> dump (or multiple statements).

Dennis> I realize that this cannot be as consistent as the rest of the library, but
Dennis> issues such as error reporting aren't really that important here. When using
Dennis> the command-line version (mysql < file) I suppose that an error is
> reported,
Dennis> and the processing is stopped.

You can avoid this by using 'mysql --force < file'

Dennis> This feature would be great for remotely moving around entire databases or
Dennis> tables between different hosts.

I think this is better done in the client program than in the API

Dennis> The alternative is writing functionality which can dump and escape data (not
Dennis> hard) and table structure (somewhat harder). And one would also need a
Dennis> simple parser for seperating statements and executing them.

What is wrong with 'mysqldump --opt' ?

Dennis> I'd like to hear if anybody else has an opinion on this.

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