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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:April 3 1999 8:05pm
Subject:Cannot start as NT service
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I purchased MySQL after using the shareware version on NT, Linux, and
solaris.  I had no real problems once I learned to read the manual.

Now I cannot get the latest Win version to start as a service on NT.  I had
the 3.19 version running so I stopped the service, ran mysqld --remove,
deleted the files and rebooted.  Then I installed the latest version, 3.22_20.

I tried mysqld-nt --install the rebooted.  No mysql. So I went to the
control panel, services and tried to start mysql.  I received the following:

Error 1067 the process terminated unexpectedly.

So I went to the command line and tried mysqld --standalone and it starts

The readme states that if the service does not start, to check the path.
The path is fine.  So I removed the service, mysqld-nt --remove, and
rebooted.  I then edited the registry and removed all references to mysql.
Then I tried C:\mysql\bin\mysql-nt --install.  The service still won't start. 

What else should I try?

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