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From:dan Date:April 2 1999 5:02pm
Subject:Re: Duplicate entry for non-existant value
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Have you tried running isamchk.exe on the table to see if you get any errors?
That might show you some helpful information.

Also, what's the schema for your table?


Scollick Family wrote:

> I'm getting a problem that causing all sorts of havoc. I'm
> trying to insert a new row into a table using
> insert into tab1 (tabid, val) values ('s1083','test')
> and keep getting an error 'Duplicate entry 's1083' for key 1'
> (tabid is the primary key for the table).  The problem is that
> s1083 doesn't exist.  If I try to select and/or delete, I get an
> empty set response, but I still can't insert it into the table.
> The same holds true if I increment s1083 up to somewhere
> around s1100.  Also, any inserts into related tables don't return
> properly in I insert the s1083 key in it.  That is:
> insert into tabrelated (id1, id2) values ('n0074','s1083')
> select * from tabrelated where id2='s1083'
>   returns an empty set while
> select * from tabrelated where id1='n0074'
>   does indeed show s1083
>  As another bit of wierd behavior, as far as I can tell there are 1075 rows
> in the table, but a select count(tabid) returns that there are 1086 rows.
> And, tab1 is my main table on which everything else is derived, so until
> this is solved, I'm dead in the water.
>   Finally, I'm using the shareware version on Win95 (a potential web host
> uses mySQL, and I'm trying to see if it will work for my purposes).
>   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>   --Keith Scollick
>   scollick@stripped
> P.S. - if this is an old question, my apologies as I haven't been able to get
> through the old messages
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> Keith Scollick
> scollick@stripped
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