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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 19 1999 9:04am
Subject:Native OLE DB Provider for MySQL
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>>>>> "Shakya" == Shakya Jones <shakya@stripped> writes:

Shakya> Hi,
Shakya> For MS Windows clients, is there a native OLEDB provider for MySQL? If so,
Shakya> this would allow users of Microsoft's ADO to access MySQL directly, instead
Shakya> of needing to go through MyODBC. If no OLE DB provider, does anyone know of
Shakya> plans for one, or not?

Shakya> Thanks,
Shakya> Shakya Jones


Sorry, but there isn't anyone that we know of.

On the other hand, if some programmer would like to help us procedure
one, we would be very interested in working together on this (we are
of course prepared to pay for any such help)

One option would be to put this as a project on source-exchange or
cosource.  We shall look into this during next week!

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