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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 2:49pm
Subject:RE: Client libs on Win32
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>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Kline <bkline@stripped> writes:

Bob> On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Michael Widenius wrote:
>> Yes, the clients code is free, but I haven't had time to create
>> distribution of only these for win32 :(
>> The MyODBC 2.50.25 version includes all .dsp (project) files you
>> need. I noticed however that the main .dsw file as missing. I have
>> included this in this mail.

Bob> Thanks very much.

>> PS: What's wrong the client library in the MYSQL client distribution
>> at It's not that old!

Bob> No, it's not ancient, but a good number of names have been added to the
Bob> header files since that version.  Since the author of the MySQLdb Python
Bob> modules was working from the most recent version of the client tools,
Bob> and was using all those new names, compilation failed when I tried to
Bob> build using the version of the Win32 client distribution available on
Bob> the net.  I solved the problems with a bunch of #ifdef's and other
Bob> modifications but I wanted know if it were possible to elminate the need
Bob> for such work in the future by finding access to more current versions
Bob> of the client tools for the Win32 platform.  The pointer to the odbc
Bob> code set was helpful, and I was eventually able to cobble together a
Bob> script which was successful in building a replacement mysqlclient.lib
Bob> from a subset of these sources.

Bob> Thanks again for your reply.

Bob> -- 
Bob> Bob Kline
Bob> mailto:bkline@stripped

I will on the weekend try to find time to make a new Win32 client
distribution from the latest sources.

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