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From:Christian Mack Date:April 1 1999 6:19pm
Subject:Re: field_defs.frm
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John McKeon wrote:
> I am new to mysql, I am trying to run a set of PHP scripts on
> Apache that use an SQL database.  I have the shareware version of
> mySQL for win32 installed.   When I start the script and it hits the
> mySQL I get the message that it cannot find the file "field_defs.frm"
>  Is this a file I am supposed to create myself or should I be asking
> the creator of my scripts/database?
> Thanks
> -John

Hi John

The above means, that you try to use a table named 'field_defs' which isn't there.
There are two possible sources for this error.
1) Your script didn't create this table with a CREATE TABLE field_defs ( ...
2) The shareware version has a bug: if ALTER TABLE ... is used the altered table may
vanish. To prevent this you have to issue an 'mysqladmin refresh' before and after the
ALTER TABLE on the DOS prompt and ensure nobody else is using mysql till done.

If 1) is the case, you have to create this table yourself.
With 2) you have to edit your script to not use ALTER TABLE.


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