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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 15 1999 10:48pm
Subject:RE: Client libs on Win32
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>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Kline <bkline@stripped> writes:

Bob> On Sun, 12 Sep 1999, Brian Andrews wrote:
>> > I just finished hacking the Python package MySQLdb so that it would
>> > build on a Win32 machine.  The need for much of the work was caused by
>> > the fact that the author of the package was building against the latest
>> > version of MySQL, and the latest version of the MySQL client libraries
>> > and headers available for 32-bit Windows is several versions behind.  I
>> > pulled down the current MySQL sources but there is no support for
>> > building the client libraries on Win32.  Where is the Win32 Makefile for
>> > building the client libraries?  I don't expect to be able to build the
>> > Win32 DBMS without acquiring a license, but I thought the client
>> > libraries were freely available on all platforms.
>> You can combine the code from the MyODBC package to build
>> your own client lib. I've done this before and its fairly
>> trivial.

Bob> Thanks for the reply.  Your idea of trivial and mine are not quite the
Bob> same.  I've downloaded the latest source archive for myodbc and unpacked
Bob> it, but there's not a README or top-level makefile in sight.  I tried
Bob> running myodbc.mak, but that has hardwired assumptions about explicit
Bob> paths in it.  I tried building in the IDE using the project file in the
Bob> myodbc subdirectory, but that results in a little over 80 fatal errors,
Bob> mostly unresolved links.  I suppose I could run lib.exe against the
Bob> older prebuilt mysqlclient.lib, extracting the module list, try to
Bob> reverse-engineer which compiler flags were used to build each object
Bob> module by deciphering the bloated Microsoft .mak files, and put together
Bob> my own makefile, but

Bob> 1. The module list from an older lib might not be complete or accurate.
Bob> 2. This method of determining compile/link flags is fragile.
Bob> 3. This approach doesn't match anyone's idea of "fairly trivial."

Bob> So I though perhaps you might give me another clue.  Feel free to be as
Bob> brutal as you like in pointing out how dense I am being in missing any
Bob> obvious pieces here. :->}

Bob> I did read the README at
Bob> but other than the note that "This version of MyODBC is made with VC++
Bob> 5.0" I didn't see any instructions for building.  I'm using VC++ 6.0, so
Bob> that's one possible source of problems (I would hope they haven't
Bob> introduced dependencies on compiler versions, though).


Yes, the clients code is free, but I haven't had time to create
distribution of only these for win32 :(

The MyODBC 2.50.25 version includes all .dsp (project) files you
need. I noticed however that the main .dsw file as missing. I have
included this in this mail.

Hope this helps.


PS: What's wrong the client library in the MYSQL client distribution
    at It's not that old!

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