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From:Christian Mack Date:September 15 1999 5:45pm
Subject:Re: Problem with query under Registered MySQL
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Jean-Francois Prieur wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am having this problem with a query which used to run fine under 3.21.29
> (shareware version) and now gives this error under version 3.22.24
> (registered):
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------------------------------
> Error Occurred While Processing Request
> Error Diagnostic Information
> ODBC Error Code = S1000 (General error)
> [TCX][MyODBC]Can't create/write to file '\\sql20_0.ism' (Errcode: 2)
< cut > 
> Thanks for your help, or yell if you need more info :-)
> JF Prieur


The problem is, that you didn't specify a valid temporary directory.
Your SELECT wants to create a temporary table on disk and it can't.

Just set option --tmpdir=/some/valid/temp/dir.
You can do this in the C:\my.cnf configuration file like this:
tmpdir = C:/tmp


Problem with query under Registered MySQLJean-Francois Prieur14 Sep
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