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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 7 1999 7:21pm
Subject:Is it safe to use ?
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>>>>> "targeted" == targeted  <targeted@stripped> writes:

targeted> Hello, all,
targeted> I'm talking about mySQL version 3.21.29a-gamma-debug,
targeted> protocol version 10.

targeted> Is it safe to use a single mySQL connection
targeted> identifier across multiple threads ?
targeted> In other words, does mySQL perform
targeted> requests queueing of some kind ?


targeted> Assume the following:
targeted> I have a thread that has its own connection id,
targeted> and this thread has to spawn another thread.
targeted> May I just share the same id with the new thread
targeted> WITHOUT PROTECTING with critical section etc. ?


targeted> Thanks in advance,
targeted> Dmitry Dvoinikov AKA Targeted
targeted> mailto:targeted@stripped

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