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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 14 1999 12:40pm
Subject:FYI Install. problems and connecting to port 3306
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter WR <pwr@stripped> writes:

Peter> Hi,
Peter> This is just for information, in case other will need this sooner or later.
Peter> I'm running NT 4.0 US server, Pentium 300 MHz and have a lot of stuff
Peter> loaded.

Peter> I just downloaded the NT eval. version of MySQL. I had problems getting
Peter> contact to the server, and after following the manuals I found out, that the
Peter> server did not respons on port 3306.

Peter> I ended having to starts the MySQL server in a DOS promt ...

Peter> c:\mysql\bin\mydqld-opt  --port=3306

Peter> Now it is OK.


MySQL should always work with TCP/IP if you have TCP/IP installed;  If 
you don't have TCP/IP installed, the above shouldn't affect anything.

Could you please mail me the output from:

c:\mysql\bin\mydqld-opt  --help

so that I can check your setup.


FYI Install. problems and connecting to port 3306Peter WR12 Mar
  • FYI Install. problems and connecting to port 3306Michael Widenius15 Mar