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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 3 1999 9:59am
Subject:Problems - Access 97 / MySQL
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Geocrawler> I am using Access 97 as a front-end to a local development database on
> Win98.  I have linked all the tables in the MySQL database to Access and I am trying to
> create the relationship diagram before creating the forms.  

Geocrawler> The problem is that Access 97 does not allow me to apply referential
> integrity for the foreign keys in the tables.  Is there a way around this limitation? 
> Perhaps setting up foreign keys in the MySQL tables before linking?  I want the forms in
> Access to be able to update all instances of the foreign key when changes are made.

Geocrawler> Any suggestions would be great .......


Sorry, but you can't do the above with MySQL for the moment.
You have to update the foreign key definitons in your applications.

Please check out:

and search after 'foreign keys'.

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