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From:Jacques Venter Date:January 8 2001 4:55pm
Subject:RE: ANNOUNCE: MySQLX ActiveX Object for your ASP websites
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Just to add what else you get from SciBit:
* The product at a nominal fee (if your prefer to register, all products
maybe used with some limits or forced trial re-registrations).
* Including (free) samples, manuals, helpfiles, scripts, tutorials, etc.
* If humanly possible (free) email response within 24 hours (many times not
even related to our products)
* Within our timezone (free) realtime support via Netmeeting, ICQ
* Reported bugs fixed within the next (free) release
* Suggestions added (where possible) within the next (free) release
* Lifetime 11 year "old" R&D company's (free) dedication behind product
* Permanent (free) R&D on every product
* New (free) releases 3-12 times/annum on all products

This is and will for ever be our commitment on all our MySQL products:

We've got thousands of clients (free or registered) that will back our
products to not be the worst investment of their lifes (most clients have
said "the best investment of my life"). And we have the knowledge that we
*really* helped MySQL's performance in the win32 market. Competition
(opensource or otherwise) is and will always be a *good* thing, with the
ultimate winners: the MySQL server users.

Therefore, best wishes for 2001 to *ALL* MySQL developers! Keep up the good

> If anyone is willing to help with an open source version of this type of
> control
> has a real nice one, that has been announces on these lsits before.
> MyVBQL.dll is coming along nicely, and the source is out there for you
> to play with.
> (just my 2 cents, but if at all possible, i would rather have an
> open source
> tool, than a commercial one, not attempting to take anything away from
> SciBit here...)
> Gregg
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> Sent: Friday, January 05, 2001 11:11 AM
> Subject: ANNOUNCE: MySQLX ActiveX Object for your ASP websites
> Hi All,
> SciBit is proud to announce the release of our newest product MySQLX the
> ActiveX Object for use with all ASP websites with MySQL backends, includes
> full editing and ALL MySQL fieldtypes support.  See website:
> The website includes full OnLine Help as well as a LIVE Sample Website for
> some action, enjoy!
> Features:
> * MySQL ActiveX (COM) object
> * Direct access to any MySQL server
> * You only need your ASP website and MySQLX. No ODBC.
> Compatibilty:
> * MySQLX is compatible with MySQL 3.21.xx to 3.23.xx
> * Support ALL MySQL fieldtypes from autoinc, strings, integer,
> floats,..,to
> enums, sets,..., memos and blobs
> * Primarily intended for IIS webserver ASP script usage, but also for
> languages like VB, VC++ and Delphi
> Functionality:
> * Realtime data editing, appending, deleting and updating capabilities
> * Full support for ALL MySQL server fieldtypes. Yes, even ENUM, SET, BLOB,
> TEXT, with support for getting images out of the BLOB fields directly into
> the browser
> * Multithreaded support, ie. multiple connections to a MySQL server
> operating totally independently using only one MySQLX Object
> Quick Fix:
> We also added Quick Fix routines, solving common webrelated problems:
> * A method (1 line of ASP), populating any template HTML
> (filebased/straight) with the values from the current record of a table
> * A method (1 line of ASP), building a complete HTML table from a
> recordset/dataset complete with header, body and footer HTML templates
> (filebased/straight)
> * A method (1 line of ASP), giving full editing and scrolling capabilities
> to any MySQL table or SQL statement you can think of, even beyond the
> natural limits of MySQL server
> * Master Detail capabilities, where you'll be able to link any
> number MySQL
> tables (even across databases) on a Master Detail basis displaying both on
> one page with full editing scrolling capability on both Master and Detail
> recordsets
> Regards and Enjoy!
> SciBit Development Team

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