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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 28 1999 8:02pm
Subject:Win32 libmysql.dll password issue
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>>>>> "Dennis" == =?iso-8859-1?Q?Dennis Thrys=F8e?= <iso-8859-1>
> writes:

Dennis> Hi,
Dennis> A few questions related to password storage.

Dennis> Is there (or could there be made) any way to give an 
Dennis> encrypted password to the mysql_connect function?

Why?  The password will not be sent in clear text to the MySQL server.

(If you don't want to store a clear text password in your client, you
must modify the libmysql.c function and recompile)

Dennis> Just as mysql stores the passwords encrypted in 
Dennis> the 'mysql' database, I'd like to store and give 
Dennis> this very password to the connect function.

Dennis> Also, is there any way to get the client executable to 
Dennis> calculate this hashed password from what the user 
Dennis> enters? I would like to do this when _not_ connected.

All MySQL clients already does that.

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