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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 20 2000 2:18pm
Subject:Re: Delete queries destroying tables
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At 10:40 AM +0100 11/20/00, Luc Van der Veken wrote:
>I'm using build 3.23.19 under Win2000 and NT4.
>According to the manual, a query of the from "DELETE FROM table;" without a
>WHERE clause is executed by dropping the table and then creating a new empty
>one with identical properties, because that's faster than deleting all
>records from the existing table.
>Now the problem is that only the first half is executed: the table is
>dropped, but not re-created.  No error message is given, nor does anything
>appear in the mysql.err file.  As far as I could figure out, this is 100%
>reproducible with any table.
>In the data directory, there's no .frm file for the table after executing a
>query like this, but the .myd and .myi files do exist (.myd having zero

This was a bug with 3.23.19.  If you update to a newer version, the problem
should go away.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
Delete queries destroying tablesLuc Van der Veken20 Nov
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