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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 23 1999 5:01pm
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Carter <peterc@stripped> writes:

Peter> So what happened yesterday?
>> From the application log.....

Peter> An object call caused an exception.       (IID:
Peter> {208B3651-2B48-11CF-BE10-00AA00A2FA25}) (Method: 7)  (Microsoft Transaction
Peter> Server Internals Information: File: d:\viper\src\resdisp\mtxdm\cholder.cpp,
Peter> Line: 220) (Exception: C0000005) (Address: 0x02d6dc66) 
Peter> myodbc!SQLTransact + 0x2BE6
Peter> myodbc!SQLDisconnect + 0x30
Peter> ODBC32!VRetrieveDriverErrorsRowCol + 0x2EE1
Peter> MtxDm!DispManGetContext(unsigned long *,unsigned long *) + 0x21F9

Peter> What I did was enable a timeout in the ODBC menu for MYODBC. In short
Peter> don't. This dropped my IIS (and ALL of it's www sites) which uses
Peter> transation server for everyting (even if you do not) and dropped my
Peter> pcanywhere. This prevented me from fixing it.

What timeout entry ?

Note that MyODBC 2.50.21 and before had a bug when using automatic reconnect
to an 3.21 server.  This has been fixed in MyODBC 2.50.22.

Peter> The problem has been corrected and I go merrily along...... ;)

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