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From:Peter Carter Date:March 23 1999 1:39pm
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So what happened yesterday?

From the application log.....

An object call caused an exception.       (IID:
{208B3651-2B48-11CF-BE10-00AA00A2FA25}) (Method: 7)  (Microsoft Transaction
Server Internals Information: File: d:\viper\src\resdisp\mtxdm\cholder.cpp,
Line: 220) (Exception: C0000005) (Address: 0x02d6dc66) 
myodbc!SQLTransact + 0x2BE6
myodbc!SQLDisconnect + 0x30
ODBC32!VRetrieveDriverErrorsRowCol + 0x2EE1
MtxDm!DispManGetContext(unsigned long *,unsigned long *) + 0x21F9

What I did was enable a timeout in the ODBC menu for MYODBC. In short
don't. This dropped my IIS (and ALL of it's www sites) which uses
transation server for everyting (even if you do not) and dropped my
pcanywhere. This prevented me from fixing it.

The problem has been corrected and I go merrily along...... ;)

>Monty asked me to pass this along.....
>I have created a site ( that contains a myodbc
VB5/6 code wizzard to generate vb >classes. These classes become database
objects. These objects can be used to create ActiveX extensions.
>The current interfaces are RDO and ADO with support for DSN/DSNless
connections. The DSNLess model only requires >that the ODBC driver be
>The wizzard allows the configuration of Mysql or SQLServer, using the
Access model for datatypes (memo, object....) for >easy implimation.
>It alerts you when you use a keyword from vb, mssql or mysql. Thus
narrowing the possibilities of error.
>The wizzard contains full blob support, so increase your buffer size!
>The wizzard allows the user to save a created database in a template.
These templates can be updated or used to >create a new one at any time.
This greatly adds to the turn-around of database projects.
>This wizzard creates a html page that you cut and paste into your vb
editor. It takes about 2 minutes to get a database >up and running, after
you figure out what fields you will actually use. 
>What's the catch? Nothing. Just use it. I developed it beceause I needed
it. Share the wealth......

Peter B. Carter (peterc@stripped)
Home: 613-562-1176
Pager: 613-751-4660

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