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From:Christian Mack Date:August 17 1999 7:21pm
Subject:Re: Placing the data files
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Inedag@stripped wrote:
> > Sorry, but the only way on NT to move mysql shareware > version implies to
> start mysqld by hand (everytime!).
> >  This is due to the fact, that you have to give the > > new location as
> option "--basedir= X:\mysql" when > starting mysqld.
> I wonder - There is a registry setting with the path/params to all services.  Can
> that be changed to include the --basedir?  If someone is interested I can look tomorrow,
> email me.
> For more information, try the nt resource kit and the "SC" utility:
> c:\>sc qc mysqld
> Regards,
> -ine

Hi Ine

I didn't try it with the shareware version, but with an earlier version it didn't work.

Tell me if it does with the shareware version.


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