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From:Christian Mack Date:August 17 1999 7:18pm
Subject:Re: Format of .frm, .isd and .ism files
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Matthias Fichtner wrote:
> Hello,
> another question regarding the shareware version versus the
> licensed version of MySQL-Win32:
> Are the .frm, .isd and .ism files (those files in the \data
> directory) compatible between these two releases? In other
> words: Can I just copy the \data directory from the shareware
> version to the licensed version? Or do these files need to
> be converted in any way?
> Thanks in advance!
> Sam
> --
> Matthias Fichtner [MF70-RIPE]

Hi Matthias

The priviledge system has changed in 3.22.11.
So you have to rebuild your priviledges in the "mysql" database.
This isn't difficult.
You just have to mysqldump the old one (data only):
C:\mysql\bin> mysqldump -uroot --complete-insert --quick --no-create-info mysql
and then use after upgrading:
C:\mysql\bin> mysql -uroot mysql <oldPrivs.sql


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