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From:Christian Mack Date:August 16 1999 5:47pm
Subject:Re: Placing the data files
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Olafur Jakobsson wrote:
> Hello
> I am new to mySQL, just installed the shareware version on WinNT. The
> program installs itself by default into the c:\mysql directory and all
> data files into the \data subdirectory. How do I create the database on
> a different drive?
> Regards
> Olafur

Hi Olafur

Sorry, but the only way on NT to move mysql shareware version implies to start mysqld by
hand (everytime!).
This is due to the fact, that you have to give the new location as option "--basedir=
X:\mysql" when starting mysqld.
But mysqld started as service will not remember the previous given option settings.
So you alway have to start it in the services window by giving this option first.

Mysqld shareware started as "--standalone" skips all other given options on NT.
So you can't use this command in the autostart or autoexec.bat.

With the licenced version you could use the "C:\my.cnf" configuration file to set this


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