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From:Christian Mack Date:August 13 1999 3:34pm
Subject:Re: Problem running MySQL
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Richard Kurth wrote:
> I have a problem with mySQL - shareware version  I am trying to use it with
> PHP. When I try to connect to a database when I am connected to the Internet
> with my dial up connection everything is fine, but when I'm not connected to
> the Internet it takes ages to run and I don't get any data. I have put a
> file in the windows directory and named it hosts with
> localhost  in it but this doesn't do anything to help. I am running on
> Win98. As long as I am connected to the Internet It works fine. Can anyone
> tell me what the problem is and if there is a fix for it?

Hi Richard

This is a problem with your DNS (don't mix this up with the ODBC DSN!).
It should work with the 'host' file entry:  localhost
as long as you try to connect with hostname 'localhost' (or omitting it entirely).

Have you booted after creating/changing the 'host' file?
I once had to do this, to get it to work.


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