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From:Christian Mack Date:August 9 1999 6:44pm
Subject:Re: mysql sudenly stopped working?
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"" wrote:
> This message was sent from by "apoorva" <apm@stripped>
> Be sure to reply to that address.
> I was trying to do a selct in one of my test tables and it returned an empty set.
> Although i am pretty sure that i had atleast 10 recrds in the table.I was able to login
> though.
> I then tried inserting some information in the table thorugh php netscape. Suddenly a
> debug message came up and the server got disconnected. This happend quite some time. I had
> to restart the comp and the same problem occured.
> Anybody know what is going on?
> Thanks in advance
> APoorva

Hi APoorva

Nobody can help you, when you just send a message like:
There was an error!

Please be more specific.
You obviously should read the manual section about reporting bugs.


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